Alfa Romeo 4C in tuning from Zender Italia

September 12, 2015 at 15:51

Alfa Romeo 4C in its standard version is an interesting sports car with a distinctive Italian design. Apparently, some car owners this is not enough, and they are turning to professional tuning company to turn in fact held the original car in a unique creation of a single copy. In this particular case, the model 4C came under “a scalpel” masters of the Zender Group.

Alfa Romeo 4C picture

Alfa Romeo 4C pics

The revision of external parameters of the car started from the front of the supercar: on the place of the old front bumper came a new, very different from the standard two splitters at the sides. In addition, the Italian masters have increased the size of the air intake, and the factory mirrors were replaced with new carbon fiber mirrors. On each side of the car has got additional holes for ventilation and new side skirts. With regard to the rear of the car, there were no less transformations.

Alfa Romeo 4C pics

Alfa Romeo 4C image

In fact, the “feed” of the car has undergone a complete processing: the old diffusers, bumper and exhaust pipes have gone to the warehouse collecting dust, while in their place were installed new parts with carbon fiber elements. The image of the great Italian supercar completes the last important component – the new drives. There Zender Group did not resort to any outside help, setting a unique wheels and tires of its own production.