Custom Design of Audi RS4 Avant with discs from Vossen

June 22, 2016 at 18:51

Audi RS4 Avant is undoubtedly one of the most desirable cars ever produced by the German company. This applies particularly to North American consumers, which is not officially RS4 Avant comes at all. Nevertheless, a group of enthusiasts with serious intentions and even more serious possibilities, led by master bodywork Stephan Prezzi seriously took up the embodiment of their desires.

Audi RS4 Avant pics

Audi RS4 Avant image

The result of the work is an incredibly beautiful sporty RS4 Avant, which is unparalleled even in its native Europe. Stephan Prezzi like De ‘Caudella’s co-owner of the studio imported to the United States all the necessary details to make German sport wagon to something more distinctive. Stephan and his teammate Clay workshop for a long time pored over every detail of the body before you install the entire kit and paint the Audi’s purple gloss.

Audi RS4 Avant pics

Audi RS4 Avant picture

Under the broad arches of the new body is perfectly arranged a set VLE-1 size 20 / 10.5 disc. Disc Limited Edition perfectly joined Audi design after installing a new air suspension. VLE-1 in the RS4 Avant is an excellent example of how one item can dramatically change the appearance of the car.