New Tuning for Ferrari 458 Italia

February 17, 2013 at 16:24

It turns out that the country of maple syrup and beavers – Canada – is also quite goof in the hot sports cars, example of this is the new tuning package for the Ferrari 458 Italia that appeared in the local tuning shop. Let’s get a closer look at this new sporty vehicle.

Ferrari 458 Italia SR Auto Group

Ferrari 458 Italia SR Auto Group pic

Canadian tuning studio SR Auto Group has recently completed their project, which was the basis for the Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Italia. It offers buyers from Novitec new modified aerodynamic package made of the carbon fiber. Interestingly enough, the body kit components were studied and fine-tuned in the wind tunnel of the University of Stuttgart. The car got a new front spoiler that is attached to the front bumper. Combined with new rear side and refined elements to the right and left of the central air intake, the front bumper of complex shape that reduces lift on the front axle, which significantly improves driving stability at high speeds. Rear wing and engine got new air vents that are also made of carbon fiber.

Ferrari 458 Italia SR Auto Group

Ferrari 458 Italia SR Auto Group Photo

Body-colored door mirrors are also made of a composite material. Five-way wheels NF3 wheels, which are set on the Ferrari 458 Italia, are native from Italy. As standard, they are painted in glossy black color, but on request can be made in the color of the car body.

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