Tesla Model S Elizabeta from LARTE Design

June 21, 2016 at 18:44

Since the presentation of the incredible Tesla Model S, the company LARTE Design ingrained as accompanying tuning company brand Tesla. Moreover, “pumped” LARTE Design car Elizabeta honored to get a place at the exhibition’s official summit Tesla Motor Club, held in the Californian city of Santa Clara. This means that each attendee will be able to not only take part in a discussion with Tesla experts, but also to order your own pattern tuning.

Tesla Model S Elizabeta picture

Tesla Model S Elizabeta pics

The main feature of Elizabeta LARTE Design is its new lightweight body. The weight of a new front bumper is 5.8 kg, whereas the rear bumper, made of basalt fibers weighs 4.3 kg. Even when the full body kit LARTE gross weight skirts for a total of only 13 kg.

Tesla Model S Elizabeta pics

Tesla Model S Elizabeta image

The new kit can be considered carbon elements on the front bumper, new wheel arches, side skirts, trunk lid and rear diffuser. Final note for Elizabeta composition gets completely redesigned interior and a new 22-inch cast disks. Since virtually silent electric cars, LARTE Design offers the so-called sound module that simulates the sound of a powerful engine when driving a car. Moreover, the module allows you to upload your audio tracks, reproducing the roar of the engine of your favorite car.