Ferrari California Tuning from CDC

January 20, 2013 at 09:34

The well-known German tuning studio that works with high-performance sport cars, named CDC Performance, introduced a new tuning kit for the coupe-cabriolet Ferrari California. The supercar got new wheels, aerodynamic fins and modified engine, in such a way boosting up the performance of the car and also giving it more attractive and even more aggressive appearance.

Ferrari California Tuning

Ferrari California Tuning from CDC Photo

Engineers much of their attention devoted to the technical part of the supercar. They installed a 4.3 liter V8 engine paired with mechanical supercharger with intercooler and a new exhaust system, which has an adjustable valve to change the sound volume of the exhaust. With these improvements in engine power increased from standard 490 to 602 hp.

Ferrari California Tuning

Ferrari California Tuning from CDC Pic

Externally tuned Ferrari California has changed to a more noticeable car. It received a carbon radiator grill, front spoiler and rear diffuser, and unique wheels with a diameter of 22 inches and 21 inches. Completes the whole picture upgraded suspension, which has a new spring and a system change in ground clearance. Price for all improvements are yet to be announced.

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