Jaguar Arden Tuning Kit

January 22, 2013 at 09:58

As we have mentioned before, sports and performance oriented cars are the best sources for tuning, as they seem to be the embodiment of a challenge for the tuners to make the car even more powerful and aggressive. Therefore let’s look today at another super-sports-vehicle. Introduced just a few months ago, Jaguar F-Type has already attract the attention of specialists of the tuning house Arden, who have developed a new tuning program for the English roadster.

Jaguar Arden Tuning

Jaguar Arden Tuning Kit Photo

Arden has focused its efforts on increasing the capacity of the flagship V8 engine of the S version. Therefore the tuning package was majorly emphasizing the technical side of the model. In the basic modification this model develops 495 hp power, but with the help of Arden engineers the figures increased to 550-hp. The tuning studio also works on the development of the tuning kit for the V6 engine.

Jaguar Arden

Jaguar Arden Tuning Kit Pic

The car in the photo presents this great model finished in the original color known as British Racing Green, with original 20-inch alloy wheels and optional Sportline high performance brake system. We fell in love with this tuning option from the first site, tell us what do you think about it!

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