AHG-Sports refined Infiniti QX70 SUV

June 15, 2015 at 11:14

Young German tuning company AHG-Sports from Hamburg started out as usual dealer of foreign cars, and now develops its own components for their aftermarket debugging. One of the last works of tuners became modified SUV Infiniti QX70, which is estimated at 89,900 euros.

Infiniti QX70 picture

Infiniti QX70 pics

Auto racing kit received LR2, new wheels, lowered suspension and uprated powertrain for a more dynamic drive.

Infiniti QX70 pics

Infiniti QX70 image

Radically change the appearance of the SUV body kit allowed for 11 900 euros, which includes different front bumper with air intakes complex design and LED daytime running lights, side skirts and a redesigned rear bumper, the lower part of which established a large diffuser.

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