Audi A8 4E by JMS Styling

June 19, 2015 at 11:28

For the last generation of the executive sedan Audi A8 in the body 4E German tuner JMS Styling prepared a customization package, consisting of a lightweight body kit, new set of wheels and the simple but effective improvements technical units. All of this will make a big luxury car a more sporty appearance, which in practice will be supported by an improved handling and more impressive dynamic acceleration.

Audi A8 4E image

Audi A8 4E picture

It is possible to order interesting items individually or entirely composed just a tuning kit for 5254 euros.

Audi A8 4E pics

Audi A8 4E image

The new body kit consists of a front spoiler (329 euros), which is easily attached to the standard bumper, side skirts (399 euros), of a rear bumper (329 euros) and trunk lid spoiler (199 euros).

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