Bentley Continental GT BR10RS by Vorsteiner

August 15, 2015 at 15:07

Immediately after the release of Bentley Continental GT American master tuning Vorsteiner undertook its new modernization.
According to workers of Vorsteiner atelier, the engine of the Bentley Continental GT car is more than adequate, so the bulk of all modifications is contained only in the body.

Bentley Continental GT BR10RS picture

Bentley Continental GT BR10RS pics

Depending on the specifications for Bentley put the six-liter W12 engine twin-turbo or 4-liter V8 with dual turbo. Each of them allows you to accelerate as much up to 320 km / h.
A body BR10RS from Vorsteiner established for Bentley includes a new lightweight front bumper made of carbon fiber and carbon fiber front splitter.

Bentley Continental GT BR10RS pics

Bentley Continental GT BR10RS image

Both parts, as well as a set of side moldings, added the British supercar little aggression lacked to Continental GT. But perhaps the most notable changes have been the back of the car, which installed the bumper and diffuser made of carbon fiber. Exterior Bentley completes rather inconspicuous, but nice spoiler on the trunk lid, finally giving the elegant appearance of expensive cars aggressive supercar.

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