BMW 550i from Fostla and PP-Performance

May 25, 2015 at 00:08

German tuning company Fostla and PP-Performance presented their recent joint project – tuned sedan BMW 550i (F10). Simple styling updates are combined with the modernization of a technical stuffing, which allows increasing the performance of this modification to the level of the “charged” version of the M5. Particular attention was paid to the handling of the car and its interior decoration, where a luxurious factory finish diluted several exclusive styling accessories.

BMW 550i pics

BMW 550i image

Equipped with a sporty body kit M-sedan looks quite aggressive even at the expense of the gray matte film, which is pasted much of the details. Also in the external design has been used black film and stickers with the logos of tuners. Tinted glass and darkened lighting complete the image of the car.

BMW 550i picture

BMW 550i pics

Inside, there is a new steering leather steering wheel and insert with a decorative pattern on the dashboard, center console and doors.

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