BMW CLR X6 R by Lumma Design

July 7, 2016 at 22:43

Swiss experts of tuning Lumma Design “sheltered” in their studio BMW X6, turning excellent car with a new body kit into something more distinctive. Seth parts of the body under the CLR X6 R marking is unique and makes the prestigious German cars in a unique exhibit. New wider body looks incredible in a white color with red details and signature black discs.

BMW CLR X6 R picture

BMW CLR X6 R pics

Lumma Design has developed a body, not only with a stunning appearance, but also excellent aerodynamic performance. In order to reduce the vehicle at high speeds the air resistance set a new front spoiler, side skirts, splitters, a new bonnet with vents, roof spoiler and a large rear wing made of carbon fiber.

BMW CLR X6 R pics

BMW CLR X6 R image

Radiator grille X6 has been replaced by a new carboxylic grate over which, as well as the back of the trunk, and now adorns the logo Lumma Design. In addition, the Swiss master replaced the old daytime running lights on the new LED lights. The interior of BMW X6 has been complemented by a set of aluminum pedals and floor mats with black skin elements in the interior and trunk.

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