BMW M4 in tuning by Hamann

August 25, 2015 at 17:45

Geneva Motor Show it is a place where every year you can see the most beautiful, powerful and intricate modern cars. Usually, all the attention of visitors drawn to hypercar, but every year at the show there and serial cars, stands out not less high tech cars of the future. This year, all the charm of a serial models demonstrated Hamann M4 it is very successfully upgraded the instance line BMW.

BMW M4 picture

BMW M4 pics

Appearance of the car is designed notorious designer Timo Wuerz. In Germany’s largest daily newspaper «Süddeutsche Zeitung» Timo called a “rock star of the fine arts.”

BMW M4 pics

BMW M4 image

The designer originally from Hamburg, not the first time undertakes to cooperate with the German tuning studio. Wuerz is constantly working on the design of vehicles and other items of daily life that express individuality. Coming out of the studio Hamann, incredibly beautiful BMW immediately went to the photo shoot in Monaco. It is said Wuerz, the car served as a canvas for the image of a powerful surge of energy. According to Timo, such associations make him the concept of almost any sports car. The work was performed by a multi-layer printed circuit film.

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