BMW M5 by studio Enlaes

May 13, 2015 at 18:59

BMW M5 previous generation is still quite popular among fans of the Bavarian car brand, and it is for these people were developed by the company’s latest project Enlaes. “Charged” sedan got an aerodynamic body kit called EGTS60 and spectacular set of wheels. All this is accompanied by some technical improvements, although the 507-hp powerplant cars this time left without major modifications.

BMW M5 picture

BMW M5 pics

The car that you see in these photos, set the front splitter, vented hood, side skirts and wheel arch extensions, a massive rear diffuser, rear bumper and spoiler deflector at the end of the roof.

BMW M5 pics

BMW M5 image

Lowered suspension and after-wheel spokes for which there are dark green brake calipers Brembo, also make an important contribution to the formation of a new image for the sports sedan.

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