Corvette Z06 by ProCharger

June 28, 2016 at 14:40

ProCharger is one of the few tuning companies able to convince the owner of the Corvette C7 Z06 in the fact that his car was not powerful enough. Those who have an idea of this workshop know that ProCharger engineers can enhance an ordinary sports car to an unbelievable 1600 hp, and even more. However, how deep would be the tuning and how much money will have to pay for it to the owner, it depends solely on the wishes of the client.

Corvette Z06 pics

Corvette Z06 picture

Anyway, primarily master wanted to check what a factory option Z06 to 100% of its capacity. To start ProCharger engineers broke up the pressure in his native supercharged to 0.68 bar. Gain will allow the car with original equipment to add to its power as much as 115 hp. Increasing the pressure in the plenum to 0.89 bar pro from ProCharger received a total of 827 horsepower, while still using default settings and stock fuel pump .

Corvette Z06 pics

Corvette Z06 image

If after all these machinations client still believes that power is not enough, it takes a new player who might refresh your view of the current situation in the automotive industry. This is an F-2 supercharger from ProCharger. That does not sound so revolutionary, if not for one thing: this monstrous supercharger from aircraft-grade aluminum, which has its own system of fueling increases Corvette power almost a thousand “horses” in comparison with the factory model. Total, total power completely “pumped” C7 Z06 is no less than 1600 hp!

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