CR Supercars introduced Ford Mustang Fastback Villain

February 26, 2015 at 00:32

Classic muscle cars, like one of the first Ford Mustang, still can be seen on US roads. Many of these cars are not entirely original, as the impact of modern technology and safety makes restorers to improve manageability and performance of these machines. In the same way when restoring fastback Mustang in 1968 and the company has received CR Supercars, recently introduced its new project called Villain.
Mustang Fastback was pulled to the ground and re-assembled, but with new body parts. Most of the items are made of lightweight composite materials and different forms, but the familiar silhouette of the rare sports car, yet managed to retain. In a completely redesigned front of the body were only round headlights similar to the original, but equipped with LED accents, modern lenses and powerful lamps. Profile and food were more committed to the original style, although you can find some innovations.

Ford Mustang Fastback Villain picture

Ford Mustang Fastback Villain pics

Bright orange color body diluted with contrasting black accents and black concave 18-inch wheels Forgeline. Instead of outdated engine tuners equipped Ford Mustang Villain 5,0-liter Coyote V8 from the sports division of Ford Racing. 420-horsepower engine works in tandem with a manual six-speed gearbox T-56 Magnum, equipped with multi-plate clutch Centerforce. More confidence when driving at high speeds American coupe added adjustable coilovers and powerful brakes Wilwood (on all four wheels are 14-inch brake discs and six-piston calipers).

Ford Mustang Fastback Villain image

Ford Mustang Fastback Villain pics

Trying to save as much as possible and originality of interior decoration, a team of specialists CR Supercars limited to only update finishing materials, installation leather sports seats with five-point safety belts, replacement of the steering wheel and the arrangement of the steel safety cage in place back sofa. The instrument panel has also undergone a number of improvements, after which there were other sensors and powerful audio head unit.