Ferrari 458 Italia by Prior Design

November 7, 2015 at 16:12

For all owners of the Ferrari 458 Italia, which for some reason are not satisfied with the appearance of their car the German tuners Prior Design has created a very progressive and aggressive aerodynamic body kit. German masters have set a difficult task, given that the standard model of the 458 Italia itself literally lit from the looks of passers-by. Therefore Prior Design applied a standard recipe to make the car lower and wider.

Ferrari 458 Italia picture

Ferrari 458 Italia pics

Studio employees get the car compared with the vehicle from the universe “Transformers” or “Star Wars.” Indeed, after installing a new wide front and rear bumpers PD458, wide wheel arches and side skirts, the model 458 Italia’s more like a Decepticon than the creation of the Italian carmaker.

Ferrari 458 Italia pics

Ferrari 458 Italia image

Other notable upgrades include the installation of a new spoiler on the tailgate, new diffusers and air intakes, plus additional extensions on the rear arches cars. A complete set of upgrades includes the installation of cast wheels dimensions 21 / 9.5 22/11 front and rear, as well as chip-tuning increases power by 28 hp and torque – 40 Nm. The cost of such a tuning package for the Ferrari 458 Italia is no less than 24,900 €.

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