Ferrari California T N-Largo by Novitec Rosso

June 14, 2016 at 17:08

Earlier this year, Novitec Rosso has demonstrated the tuning of Ferrari California. The model was named T tune and gave out the monstrous power of 637 hp shop workers have decided not to dwell on this result, having raised it to a new level of complexity: the power amplification in conjunction with the installation of wide fuselage N-Largo. A new set of carbon fiber components has been developed together with Vittorio Strosek.

Ferrari California T N-Largo picture

Ferrari California T N-Largo pics

Some remember Vittorio for work with cars of the eighties which often sets the broad fuselages. Body N-Largo, mounted on the model California, is increasing the width of the car to 110 mm by the use of massive wings on the sides of cars. The front wheel arches, 60 mm wider than the standard frame wheels with the new 21-inch wheels in a high-performance tire ZR21 Pirelli P ZERO, dimensions 255/30.

Ferrari California T N-Largo pics

Ferrari California T N-Largo image

Behind are used 22-inch wheels with tires ZR22 315/25. In addition, N-Largo kit includes new side skirts, the bumpers on sides, new front and rear spoilers, tinted headlamps and the new Four-chamber exhaust system. Due to the installation of the new Novitec suspension has been reduced by 35 mm fit. At the same time the front was a hydraulic system that allows you to raise the front part of the car by 40 mm at the touch of a button.

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