German Tuning Package for the 50-year-old “Mercedes”

March 29, 2013 at 13:02

Based in Leipzig Valdeig tuning firm decided to go for a very unusual move – they are offering a tuning package for the legendary roadster Mercedes 300 SL (W198) of the 1957 year. Earlier Valdeig “pumped” mainly Audi cars, but in Germany with this brand are engaged dozens of other, more well-known studios. But the tuning package for the famous roadster still has not been offered before. And engineers from Valdeig offer not only a new body kit, but are willing to work with the engine.

Mercedes 300 SL (W198)

Mercedes 300 SL (W198) Photo

The car got new wings, two-tone paint finish, several options for front and rear optics, new exhaust system and 16-inch alloy wheels with low profile tires Carlsson. How much will such a “bleeding” cost is not reported.

Mercedes 300 SL (W198)

Mercedes 300 SL (W198) Pic

It is unlikely that this initiative will be very popular among customers, given that the Mercedes 300 SL has long been considered a collectible and rare car (only from 1957 to 1963, were released 1858 roadsters), and it most valued authenticity, and any tuning simply negate the value of the vehicle. Nevertheless, in the studio Valdeig hope that among the owners of Mercedes 300 SL there will be willing to “improve” their car and make it truly unique.

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