German tuning studio Posaidon charged Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG

June 4, 2015 at 00:33

As the basis was taken by Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, but most of all Posaidon engineers were interested in engine. As a result of the installation of two new turbochargers, exhaust system made of stainless steel and flashing the engine control unit, power 5.5-liter “Eight” increased from 585 hp up to 853 hp and torque from 800 Nm to 1300 locomotive “Newton”.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG picture

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG pics

It is not known for what period of time Posaidon Raptor 850 overcomes the first hundred, but for maximum speed, it is limited at around 345 km / h.

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG pics

Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG image

We can only guess what kind of top speed is able to show Posaidon Raptor 850, if it is to deprive the electronic collar … About the prices for the most powerful version of the E-Class is the Germans do not say anything.

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