Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition by Mansory at Frankfurt 2015

November 10, 2015 at 15:31

Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition is another example of great products from the shop who knows his business. Mansory stand crowded exhibits with the label Black Edition – completely black car with the overwhelming predominance of carboxylic parts of the body. These literally dark horse hide the enormous power of the strict “costumes” of carbon fiber and G63 AMG by Mansory is not an exception. Workshop released a total of 6 cars, which makes the model even more exclusive.

Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition picture

Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition pics

First of all, Gronos G63 AMG has undergone a serious operation on the internal “body”: replacement underwent standard connecting rods, bearings, pistons, crankshaft, cylinders and some other, more minor details. As a result, the output from the hangar Mansory 536-horsepower SUV has become a powerful wild beast with 828 “horses” under the hood.

Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition pics

Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition image

Also, the German engineers installed on the new G63 AMG exhaust system with two tailpipes. To make an SUV look luxurious, you need to have outstanding talent, and then the staff Mansory showed it in all its glory. Gronos G63 AMG Black Edition was the 40 mm wider due to the installation of new wheel arches, and most of the standard parts of the body went to the warehouse shelves.

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