Hperformance added power Audi TT RS

November 8, 2015 at 16:08

The most devoted fans of Audi brand are hiding in anticipation of the new model TT RS coming in the next year. And while the novelty is visible only on the horizon, German tuning company Hperformance decided not to waste time in vain and in collaboration with MRT Performance has created an old TT RS “on steroids.” Upgrades tuning kit called Clubsport mainly affect the 2.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine as well as some other elements, including different parts of the body.

Audi TT RS picture

Audi TT RS pics

In the workshop Hperformance Audi TT RS has acquired a new turbocharger HPXT530 with charge air cooler and a high pressure pump and a sport exhaust system. When you add all these goodies power of the five-cylinder Audi TT RS heart soared from 354 to 502 hp and torque – with 465 to 690 Nm.

Audi TT RS pics

Audi TT RS image

Unfortunately, the German masters did not bother to report accurate figures acceleration. However, it is quite obvious that this instance of Hperformance overtakes factory coupe TT RS Plus, which, in turn, reach the bar in the 100 km / h in 4.1 seconds with a maximum acceleration of 280 km / h. Only for this car tuning Hperformance require 50,000 €. The full set of upgrades also include new brakes MOVIT discs 370×35 and 342×28 mm in front and behind, respectively, as well as new coilovers KW Clubsport, new fenders, bumper and spoiler of carbon fiber. In total, the future owner of the instance will have to pay 90,000 €.

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