Hummer H1 by EVS Motors tuning

August 12, 2016 at 23:40

Here is a unique SUV Hummer H1, visited the finalization of the American studio EVS Motors. The car owner wanted to get a versatile transport that is suitable for movement on rough terrain and that it was not a shame to come to some kind of a cool party. Since the task tuners managed by 100%, making the civil version of the Hummer of the first generation of more exclusive due to cosmetic upgrades and new lighting.

Hummer H1 picture

Hummer H1 pics

Looking at this car can not be surprised abundance of light. In addition to the four large spotlights on the roof on the upper perimeter of the boot mounted LED lamps. It is worth noting that the LEDs in this SUV are particularly much, as they have replaced most of the standard lamps. Off-quality cars emphasize massive bumper in front of the bus and all terrain high in that “shod” 22-inch wheels ADV08 Truck Spec HD.1.

Hummer H1pics

Hummer H1 image

The cabin sheathed black leather seats and trim elements worked on. It also appeared in the LED lighting lampshades, and brighten up the journey time will allow high-quality sound system with a large subwoofer in the trunk.

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