Impressive Wrap refreshed Subaru BRZ RocketBunny exterior

February 17, 2015 at 19:05

In the workshop of Impressive Wrap, dedicated customization production cars using their body pasting vinyl film, it was rear-wheel drive coupe Japanese Subaru BRZ RocketBunny from GReddy. Order to complete the self-image of tuned cars lacked only a unique finish and that professionals take care of it Impressive. In general, the sports car boasts advanced technical stuffing and more precise control.

Subaru BRZ RocketBunny picture

Subaru BRZ RocketBunny pics

Compact sports car differs from the standard version of the wide body, which was due to those fender flares and side skirts. In addition, the car appeared in a new front bumper with integrated LED running lights and apron at the bottom of a large spoiler on the stern and a massive diffuser in the rear bumper. Emphasize the exotic sports coupe alternative rear optics, inlays in the front wings, all kinds of stickers and silver wheels on low-profile tires, which look particularly great in combination with the lowest possible clearance (they Subaru BRZ obliged coilovers KW). Instead of the usual blue box now made in a special green tint «Light Green Pearl», and some details, such as the roof and body mirrors, covered with black gloss paint or film.

Subaru BRZ RocketBunny image

Subaru BRZ RocketBunny pics

Easy personalization affected the interior of a car, where you can see the green steel safety cage and decorative dashboard. As for the 2.0-liter boxer engine, is issued for a production model 200 horsepower, it was fitted with a mechanical supercharger Vortech, intercooler, titanium exhaust system and some additional improvements. As far as in this case failed to raise the performance of the motor is not known.

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