Morgan Plus 8 in performance of Vilner tuning studio

August 24, 2015 at 17:38

Morgan Motor Company it is a small, but quite popular British company that produces the classic sports cars of the highest quality. It is because of its luxury cars Morgan did not give a reason tuning workshops to implement any modification in most cases they are so perfect. However, representatives of the Bulgarian tuning studio Vilner took the responsibility and challenge the luxurious design of Morgan.

Morgan Plus 8 picture

Morgan Plus 8 pics

The reason for the modification of the British sports car served an order received from one owner of Morgan Plus 8. He was not very happy with the standard interior design of the car, so asked for help from the masters Vilner.

Morgan Plus 8 pics

Morgan Plus 8 image

Morgan White gray interior has been completely replaced with a dark brown leather interior. Dark leather cover stitched contrasting white in some places silver threads. Carefully place throughout the cabin complete the fine details of the type of meticulously sewn covers for seat belts or stylized leather handles. As a final touch the leather compartment of Plus 8 have been supplemented by black Alcantara. Now, in place of standard bolts adorn new bolts from Vilner with smooth shiny caps and steering wheel spokes are made of thin aluminum and precious wood.

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