New Police Ford Model

January 4, 2013 at 18:18

Australian police patrol of the New South Wales highway has at its disposal new upgraded FPV Falcon GT RSPEC. This is the most powerful car ever unreleased by the Australian division of Ford automotive company. In its basic configuration, it develops 450-hp of power, but a police version was “pumped” to be able to provide up to 536-horsepower (400kW) – with new fuel injectors and increased output. With the optional equipment (sirens, flashing lights, etc.), a racing model will cost more than 100,000 Australian dollars.

Police Ford FPV Falcon GT RSPEC

Police Ford FPV Falcon GT RSPEC Photo

The car will be used for pursuit and capture of high-speed racing criminals. At the moment, for these purposes the Queensland Police uses Holden Special Vehicles V8 engine with a capacity of 436 hp, this car is currently the second in the list of the most powerful police cars in Australia.

Police Ford FPV Falcon GT RSPEC

Police Ford FPV Falcon GT RSPEC Pic

Though it is not just the only news from Ford. Ford Fusion 2013 is going to be a bestseller in the niche of sedans of middle class and even the business class (in its top configuration). The car will be a serious claim and will compete with such rivals as the VW Passat, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry and others.

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