New Tuning Design for BMW 1-Series

July 14, 2012 at 09:38

The new tuning for BMW 1 Series three-door models is available for m135i and 114i, and the all-wheel drive vehicles. The new generation of BMW 1 Series was available of the market since September 2011. Though we could only got those great cars in the form of a five-door hatchback. A year later, on 22 September 2012 it is expected that a new tuning will be available that will present to us these great models in the three-door version.

BMW 1-Series 3-dorr Photo

BMW 1-Series 3-door Photo

Though, to see those great beauties for the first time in live one could already have a chance during the Motor Show International (AMI, that took place from 2nd to 10th of June, 2012 in Leipzig, Germany).

BMW 1-Series 3-door Tuning Photo

BMW 1-Series 3-door Tuning Photo

The body dimensions are consistent with those of the five-door model. With 4.32 meters of body length, the car is eight and a half inches longer than its predecessor. Even the trunk didn’t get smaller, as one could think of, it still features about of 360 to 1,200 liters – so there is no difference to the five-door hatchback. The motors, however, are a little different. The 114i and M135i got for themselves new variants (more powerful, regular gas ones), though the base will still be available that the same the five-door hatchbacks had.

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