Nissan GT-R on discs from Strasse Wheels

August 12, 2015 at 13:05

Experienced Miami foremen again raised the bar in the automotive beauty, this time holding the Nissan GT-R. Popular Japanese model has got a set of alloy concave wheels Strasse S5 of the new line of 2015 year and has undergone several changes, becoming a futuristic car of the color of blood. Installing drives from Strasse – a win-win solution both in terms of appearance, and in terms of performance.

Nissan GT-R picture

Nissan GT-R pics

Strasse S5, mounted on Nissan, are sufficiently large and wide, to influence and to control the car.

Nissan GT-R pics

Nissan GT-R image

Dimensions of the front disks are 21 × 10.5, while the rear have dimensions 21 × 12.5. Model S5 executed in interesting colors: matte bronze color in the center contrasts with the gloss on the edges. The whole picture is completed shiny black screws and bushings around the entire circumference of the disc. All other modifications primarily concerned vehicle body. On the Nissan were installed new springs Swift Spec R, which allowed planting to understate the car. The car was painted in glossy color of blood, and many body parts replaced by carbon.

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