SUV Mugen Honda CR-V Tuning

January 14, 2013 at 09:28

A new model of a Sport Utility Vehicle from Honda known as the Mugen Honda CR-V appeared at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. It is one of the most famous in the world high-performance modifications of Honda models, as well as a long history of work in motorsport, the geniuses of Mugen tuning tried to delve into the new CR-V and presented their very interesting results. The tuning pack included more of exterior design features rather than technical side changes.

2013 Mugen Honda CR-V

2013 Mugen Honda CR-V Photo

Low-profile styling of Mugen Honda CR-V intricately combined new SUV headlights and the rubber on the bumper, huge fog lamps and LED strips on the front lip, while on the roof of the trunk raises a styled rear spoiler.

2013 Mugen Honda CR-V

2013 Mugen Honda CR-V Pic

The model CR-V features almost no improvements related to performance, except, perhaps, of the double exhaust system installed. Improved manageability is achieved through sports suspension and large 20-inch wheels with wider tires, which have 4-piston brakes. On the inner side of the cabin, the model too, received a number of improvements, including new design for the instrument panel in carbon fiber and leather styled carbon fiber.

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