Tesla Model S FourSixteen by Saleen

November 29, 2014 at 00:25

American company Saleen unveiled an electric version of the tuning Tesla Model S, which was named FourSixteen at the competition of automotive elegance at Pebble Beach in 2014. Tuners equipped the model’s aerodynamic package which included other bumper, carbon fiber front splitter, a modified grille, new hood, side “skirts” and a spoiler on the trunk lid.
Specialists from Saleen put Tesla Model S FourSixteen on 21-inch wheels and equipped model has a personalized stabilization system and brake assist, and for a fee, you can even set the carbon-ceramic brakes. Rear limited-slip differential is also available as an option. Standard suspension was replaced by the salon by upgraded with stiffer springs and stabilizer bars other. Moreover, it is possible to order the fully adjustable suspension.

Tesla Model S FourSixteen pics

Tesla Model S FourSixteen picture

As for the engine, Saleen took a top-end version Model S by P85 with the 416-horsepower electric motor for the basis. However, they did not touch the steel, limiting the improvement of the cooling system with the installation of the radiator of bigger size and changing the reaction response to pressing the gas pedal. Inside, electric tuners added a carbon fiber insert and seat, the steering wheel and door panels upholstered leather and Alcantara.

Tesla Model S FourSixtaeen pics

Tesla Model S FourSixteen picture

The cost of improvements in the company evaluated in 57 000 dollars, so you can buy Saleen FourSixteen at least $ 152,000.

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