The unique design of Porsche Macan Tiger by 2M-Designs

July 16, 2015 at 19:27

Premium crossover Porsche Macan is still a rather exotic and rare car on Europe’s roads, and for those who want to make their car unique brand offers its services to the German company 2M-Designs from Augsburg. The company specializes primarily in the pasting Car vinyl film, but also offers some other improvements, including the setting of technical units of car to improve performance and improve manageability.

Porsche Macan Tiger picture

Porsche Macan Tiger pics

By combining several colors film and spent a lot of time, tuners made production model Porsche Macan is really an absolute exclusive, which is presented in a single version and is called Tiger.

Basic gray film combined perfectly with black stripes, and represented to a lesser extent white and red lines. Such taping body will cost 2799 euros. Tinted rear lights will cost another 799 euros.

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