Varis has developed an aggressive body kit for the BMW Z4

June 8, 2015 at 17:43

The compact Bavarian roadster has got very massive aerodynamic body kit, which seriously changed the usual design of this model. However, the car has undergone some technical improvements, and, most of all, now it is equally well suited for both conventional roads, and for the race track.

BMW Z4 picture

BMW Z4 pics

In front we see a completely new front bumper with a wide apron and double flaps and vented hood with a revised form. The front fenders were slit at the top and wide wheel arches, combined with the same arches back wings by means of the side skirts and door lining.

BMW Z4 pics

BMW Z4 image

The redesigned rear bumper diffuser stands out a huge, majestic corresponding rear wing, rises above the trunk lid.

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