G-Power presented 700-hp BMW X5 M

July 1, 2016 at 22:10

Everyone’s favorite German bestseller BMW X5 M still confirms its reputation as one of the fastest cars in the number of its off-road competition. As standard, the latest version of Power X5 M has 560 hp, which is very, very powerful even for a sports car. Anyway, many motorists want to get more “horses” and this German SUV has become an excellent example of the embodiment of the high vehicle owner requests.

BMW X5 M picture

BMW X5 M pics

G-Power tuning company has decided to undertake one of these tasks «swinging» BMW X5 M and 700 hp and 905 Nm of torque. They have been achieved such indicators by setting the Bi-Tronik 5 and Bi-Tronik Performance 2 control modules that represent a fairly simple handling devices. Modules allow you instantly adjusting the throttle response and some other characteristics of the engine. In addition, the car has got a new exhaust system, racing catalysts and in the studio G-Power.

BMW X5 M pics

BMW X5 M image

In addition to increasing the mechanical power, G-Power also removed the electronic limiter maximum speed in order to fully unleash the potential of the SUV. G-Power is not without its external transformations: the studio engineers installed his trademark set of cast disks Hurricane RR. However, even this change was aimed at improving the performance of racing cars, as G-Power offers one of the most lightweight and durable at the same time drives that exist on the market today.

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