BMW 650i Coupe by M & D

May 31, 2015 at 18:16

While most of the tuners are working on the most powerful version of the BMW 6-Series – sports car M6, the German company M & D Exclusive Cardesign decided to tune less powerful versions 650i Coupe. The production car was subjected to a comprehensive debugging, thus proving that when properly configured BMW 650i will not yield nearly M6. As for the design of a tuning car, it even surpasses the M6, differing special exclusivity and maximum aggressiveness.

BMW 650i Coupe picture

BMW 650i Coupe pics

When they has got to the interior of the Bavarian car, Germans diluted with standard black leather of the M-pack red contrasting elements that are scattered unobtrusively throughout salon.

BMW 650i Coupe pics

BMW 650i Coupe image

Paneled in black nappa leather sports steering wheel and black lacquered inserts complement the luxury sports coupe style of interior decoration.

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