Brabus has presented its version of Tesla Model S

July 14, 2016 at 00:14

The German company Brabus does not cease to surprise advanced drivers. In preparation for the Frankfurt Motor Show all German shops are at the limit of their abilities. Just has completing previous work, Brabus embarking on a new one. This time, they chose the best-selling electric vehicles – Tesla Model S. At the moment, the modernization has undergone only a body and interior of car, although the Germans clearly hinted at a deeper development in the future.

Tesla Model S picture

Tesla Model S pics

In the meantime, the popular electric car boasts completely new carbon fiber bodywork, fragmentary painted in glossy and matte paint. New Breath in the car breathed mounted side air intakes, front and rear diffusers and a modest but relevant spoiler on the trunk lid. Model S is shod in the 21-inch wheels with Pirelli and Yokohama production tires. Dimensions 255/35 R21 tires up on the front axle and 265/35 – on the back.

Tesla Model S pics

Tesla Model S image

The interior of Tesla Model S is replete with riches: door sill panels from stainless steel with Brabus logo shimmer blue-white light, while the lower part of the center console is completely redesigned and is filled with new options. The car also has a wireless charger for mobile phones and coasters have heating and cooling functions. Brabus provides many upholstery variations and exhibits a model framed in black leather with Alcantara elements and blue stitching.

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