Carlex Design worked on the interior of BMW Z4 V8

August 30, 2015 at 18:23

Polish tuners Carlex known for creating stunning interiors for vehicles of their customers. But this time, the master went beyond simple alteration of the cabin adding a few new touches to the BMW Z4. And the first thing that catches your eye when you look at this car is two-tone body Z4. The model, dubbed BMW Z4 Rampant, the perfect combination of gray and silver color that complements the color of new alloy wheels.

BMW Z4 picture

BMW Z4 pics

Anyone who sits in this car, first of all pay attention to a nice coating of a mixture of black buffalo leather with Alcantara and hand-painted elements of carbon fiber. It is difficult to imagine a more suitable room for the car, which is now both inside and from the outside looks like a car of the future.

BMW Z4 pics

BMW Z4 image

Now under the hood BMW Z4 is the supercharged eight-cylinder engine with that allowed the creation of Polish artists to bypass their relatives Z4 sDrive35is and model of the previous generation Z4 M.’s always nice to see a powerful car, perfect not only in terms of performance but also in terms of aesthetics. Leaving the Polish studio, Z4 Rampant has got a capacity of 420 hp and torque of 400 Nm, which allows BMW to accelerate to 100 km / h in less than 3 seconds.

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