Classic Ford Mustang in the performance of Revology Cars

August 11, 2015 at 12:57

The company Revology manually reproduces classic muscle cars of 1964-1966 years, using the most modern parts. Mustang has a new life thanks to the 265-horsepower 5-liter V8 engine with direct fuel injection and suspension McPherson, disc brakes and power steering. This Revology isn’t going to stop: the so-called Original Mustang Replica was equipped with all the modern elements of comfort, to dream about which even don’t dare buyers of the original Mustang!

Mustang Replica pics

Mustang Replica image

Now the same Mustang is packed with all the amenities: electric locks with remote control, power seats, a digital message center, remote keyless entry and trunk even Bluetooth. In order not to disappoint the loyal fans of the classics, the masters of Revology Cars thoroughly implemented in all Soup salon so that they did not seem intrusive. The choice of five-speed manual is given to buyers or four-stage automatic transmission. The body is made from a new steel are much superior in quality old.

Mustang Replica picture

Mustang Replica pics

Perhaps the value of the car is the only thing that can scary buyers. Manual work will cost the buyer $ 119,500.

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