Tesla Model S in the tuning of RevoZport

August 6, 2015 at 10:10

After the tuning Model S has become wider by 40mm. Almost all body parts In the US electric vehicle, including wings, front splitter, side skirts, a rear diffuser and a spoiler on the trunk were changed.
When creating new parts Hong Kong masters used carbon fiber. Undoubtedly, changes in body Tesla turned into a more interesting and elegant model. Perhaps the most advantageous change made RevoZport, – it is the wheels.

Tesla Model S pics

Tesla Model S image

Instead of the factory installed disks Chinese masters alloy wheels Klassen ID, size 22×9.5 front and 22×11 rears. Inside RevoZport installed rear console and significantly changed the whole look down. To create a cover Chinese have chosen is the same material: carbon fiber. Stand for iPod is now at the center between the front seats. The list of changes is coming to an end.

Tesla Model S picture

Tesla Model S pics

As noted several automotive publications, Tesla Model S has very attractive appearance and there is no need to change the body. In thier defense, the Chinese masters said that R-Zentric significantly improved the grip on tight corners. It remains a question whether it is necessary traction for electric car Tesla? Probably every driver will respond in their own way, but fact is fact – Tesla Model S – is not a racing car.

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