BMW M4 by Japanese studio 3D Design

May 27, 2015 at 00:23

Japanese tuning studio 3D Design has produced a body kit for the “charged” German cars BMW M3 and M4. The characteristic of the style itself, tuners did not develop complex parts body kit to replace their factory components, and only supplement them with its light accessories. Also, the owners of these modifications will be offered new wheels and ample opportunity to personalize the exterior of the car.

BMW M4 picture

BMW M4 pics

Carbon fiber manufactured parts such as the front bumper splitter, side skirts, narrow trunk lid spoiler and rear bumper diffuser.

BMW M4 pics

BMW M4 image

Together with the carbon-fiber body outside mirrors, carbon roof, a black grille and black rims with new body parts provide a striking contrast to white car body shown in these photos. Lowered suspension kit is also available to customers of 3D Design.

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