New Mercedes CLA and CLA 45 AMG

December 9, 2012 at 09:10

Usually pictures of future automotive innovations, which look mostly hidden under camouflage are discovered through photo-spies and their quick and not perfectly fit photos, but sometimes automakers themselves decide to provide those pictures officially. We se a point, if people would like to see new models, they will find a way to get those photos, so let’s better present them openly in a good quality and from a good position.

Mercedes CLA and CLA 45 AMG

Mercedes CLA and CLA 45 AMG Photo

In such a way about a month before the debut the pictures of the new sedan Mercedes CLA appeared on the Internet, however, in camouflage tape. The same with the “charged” updated Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMG model. The first model is promised to be presented at the motor show in Detroit in January 2013, but for the second we are likely to have to wait until next autumn.

2013 Mercedes CLA

2013 Mercedes CLA Photo

As previously reported, the CLA sedan was built on the chassis from hatchback Mercedes A-Class of the next generation – they have identical wheelbase. But overall length of the four-door model will be bigger by about 300 mm. Both sedans will have a proprietary system of full drive 4Matic. That’s only for CLA 45 AMG it will be offered already in the database, and for the standard version, it can be ordered only in the modification CLA 250 with a powerful 211-horsepower gasoline engine.

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