Alfa Romeo 4C Centurion by Pogea Racing

June 26, 2016 at 14:29

Alfa Romeo 4C is incredibly nimble sports car weighing just 895 kg. Everyone who is behind the wheel of this car marks a superb driving experience and exceptional ability 4C. Anyway, there were people for which these properties Alfa Romeo 4C were not enough. So masters of tuning studio Pogeo Racing put a lot of effort to turn a good sports car in perfect.

Alfa Romeo 4C Centurion picture

Alfa Romeo 4C Centurion pics

The standard 4-cylinder turbocharged engine model 4C volume of 1.75-liters produces 240 hp and 350 Nm of torque. The first tuning level (Stage 1 package) from Pogeo Racing increases the performance up to 293 “horses” and 415 Nm. For the most sophisticated owners masters can do a further operation, squeezing out of a lightweight sports car 313 hp and 435 Nm (Stage 1 Kit Plus).

Alfa Romeo 4C Centurion pics

Alfa Romeo 4C Centurion image

A complete set of upgrades allow Alfa Romeo 4C accelerate to hundreds in 3.9 seconds, and then breaking the speed barrier of 200 km / h for a total of 14.4 seconds. In addition, a set of Stage 1 Plus raises the bar for a maximum speed of cars to 301 km / h. But restless Pogeo Racing did not stop on it: housing Alfa Romeo has also undergone some metamorphosis. Changes in design and aerodynamics include a new bumper and splitter and a new rear diffuser and two exhaust pipes with diameter 101 mm each.

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