Brabus declassified G63 850 Widestar

July 30, 2016 at 00:36

Brabus Company decided to prematurely declassify charged SUV G63 Widestar 850, based on the basis of Mercedes G63 AMG production model. In addition to the unique design and ultra-luxury finishes this car is equipped with even the most powerful power unit, which currently has to offer the German tuner. Not surprisingly, as a result of car weighing more than 2,500 kg to have become a full-fledged sports car dynamics, because the acceleration to 100 km / h it is enough to just 4.0 seconds and its top speed is now equal to 260 km / h.

G63 850 Widestar picture

G63 850 Widestar pics

After a deep modernization of a 5.5-liter turbo engine Twi-cylinder capacity increased to 5.9 liters, there were more powerful turbine systems were modified intake and exhaust replaced with a lot of details. Torque is thus increased to an impressive 1450 Nm.

G63 850 Widestar pics

G63 850 Widestar image

Outside the premium class SUV there was already familiar to us from previous works studio Brabus body kit with carbon fiber elements, carbon inserts in the hood, LED running lights and 23-inch wheels with 305/35 tires. The suspension has adjustable shock absorbers Bilstein. The refurbished interior appeared a 15.6-inch monitor, the system of the wireless Internet access, compact refrigerators, and docking station.

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