Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet by VATH tuning

August 2, 2016 at 13:15

German tuning studio VATH presented a modified Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet. As a result, a comprehensive adjustment of business class car has got sportier look and more sporting ride. Upgraded suspension and engine as well as a more aggressive body kit and a set of large-diameter discs – all of this is the main list of updates, which was subjected to production model in order to become the great outdoor sports car that we see in these photos.

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet picture

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet pics

4.7-liter V8 engine has a new control unit and some other improvements of V50RS package by which its output increased from 408 hp and 600 Nm to 550 hp and 830 Nm. For such a pleasure to have to pay 10 591 euros, but in addition the client will receive even remotely limit the maximum speed, so that the convertible can now accelerate to a maximum of 300 km / h.

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet pics

Mercedes-Benz E500 Cabriolet image

For an extra 4629 euros you can even order a stainless steel exhaust system. Shortened by 30 mm and the springs 6-piston braking system with 390-millimeter discs will cost 618 and 5355 euros respectively. A set of exclusive 20-inch disks with tires 235/30 front and 275/25 rear, along with new parts body kit complete the tuning process, making the premium German car and individual sports.

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