McLaren 12C by Pfaff Tuning Workshop

October 11, 2016 at 01:18

Not so long ago it was first dealer office in Canada, engaged in realization McLaren cars, in particular – 12C model. One such dealer, headquartered in Toronto, decided to join forces with local tuning company Pfaff Tuning. The main aim of cooperation is the creation of a truly outstanding and unique McLaren 12C with a huge selection of new elements of the exterior, interior and details to optimize performance supercar.

McLaren 12C image

McLaren 12C pics

BMW M3 by Inspired Autosport

October 8, 2016 at 01:07

American tuning company Inspired Autosport recently shared her latest project. At this time in sight studio employees got a German car, claims to the title of the classic – a sedan bestseller BMW M3. Despite the relatively modest changes undergone by the vehicle, the master of Inspired Autosport very clearly defined field of action, well cope with the task.

BMW M3 pics

BMW M3 picture

Audi S3 from ABT Sportsline

October 3, 2016 at 00:24

Tuning studio ABT Sportsline has published photos of its next “pet” Audi S3. In addition to the new design excellent car hails from Germany received the Solid gains in power, leaving the walls of the studio ABT. German tuning company is famous for its immodest upgrades, and this case – is no exception: the most advanced set of enhancements ABT Sportsline provides gain up to 400 hp.

Audi S3 pics

Audi S3 picture

Exclusive Infiniti FX on 32-inch Fogiato wheels

September 30, 2016 at 17:30

In an effort to somehow allocate your car among the masses of the same type of mass-produced cars, some motorists use a completely insane action, such as the installation of giant-sized disks. Now the 24-inch wheels have one is not surprised, therefore, the master of the Japanese premium crossover Infiniti FX has decided to replace the stock wheels with 32-inch “rollers” Fogiato. This car was presented at the Auto Show Fogiato Fest 2015, where he won the sympathy of motorists.

Infiniti FX picture

Infiniti FX pics

Post-apocalyptic Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome from Metro Wrapz

September 28, 2016 at 13:55

One of the coolest cars at the show became Forgiato Fest SUV Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome, which worked on the customization specialists Metro Wrapz. All that was required in order to make the car more eye-catching and unique – a special film that mimics rust. There were, of course, and without a new set of wheels, to complete the process of transformation of cars and put an end to its finalization.

Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome picture

Cadillac Escalade Rust Chrome pics

1200-horsepower Nissan GT-R from Jotech MotorSports

September 26, 2016 at 13:29

If you miss the insanely powerful cars, then we offer you one of the last works of American tuner Jotech MotorSports – sports car Nissan GT-R. Firstly, the sports coupe has more than doubled the capacity of the engine and secondly has radically changed the appearance. Auto Bole was focused on the race track, even though it is still suitable for use on public roads.

Nissan GT-R picture

Nissan GT-R pics

Mazda CX-5 in Rowen Japan tuning

September 25, 2016 at 13:23

Through sports styling package from the company Rowen Japan aggressive and exclusive style can find not only sedans, hatchbacks and wagons, but also crossovers. Recently tuners show will look like modified Mazda CX-5, which are available for sporty body kit, large diameter disc set and a sports exhaust. The body kit is estimated at 300,000 yen (2,420 dollars), a new exhaust system will cost 100,000 yen (1,240 dollars), and for the LED running lights will have to pay 35,000 yen (282 dollars).

Mazda CX-5 picture

Mazda CX-5 pics