Walkinshaw Performance gave more power to the HSV GTS sedan

May 15, 2015 at 19:14

HSV GTS is one of the most powerful production sedans in the world, but that has not stopped the company Walkinshaw Performance W507 to develop a program to increase the productivity of the power unit.

HSV GTS picture

HSV GTS pics

In the 7990 Australian dollars (6605 US dollars) will increase output of the engine tuners LSA Gen IV V8 more than 100 horsepower, which, of course, affect the dynamics of acceleration of the vehicle. Presented at the photo sedan was still a bright two-tone exterior styling that sets it apart from mass-produced models.

HSV GTS pics

HSV GTS image

The body of HSV GTS is pasted red and black film, where you can meet a large number of advertising signs. In similar colors formalized wheel drive sedan, with the result that it has attracted even more attention.

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