Lotus introduced the road-track sports car Exige Cup 360

August 28, 2016 at 00:25

Lotus Company released the Exige sports car limited edition, which was called the 360 Cup. On the creation of new items of the British sports car manufacturer lung spodvigli success racing car Exige V6 Cup. In contrast to the sink version, this modification will be different sportier setting allowing the use of a sports car, not only on the road but also on the racetrack. Only 50 of these cars will come off the assembly line, each of which will cost a minimum of £ 62,995 in the UK (98,555 US dollars).

Lotus Exige Cup 360 picture

Lotus Exige Cup 360 pics

New Tuning for Lotus Evora – the Lotus-Hybrid

July 9, 2012 at 09:14

Recently we’ve passed by a new Lotus Evora on the streets, and there was one thing that amused us – the great looks we have never met before. That for sure must be tuning, we though, and we were right. New tuning for Lotus Evora is a type of Lotus-Hybrid that can take you not just with the looks but with the new performance and sustainability that it offers for the driver.

Lotus Hybrid Tuning Photo

Lotus Hybrid Tuning Photo