Scion FR-S in the body of Cartel Customs

January 25, 2015 at 23:57

Unique sports car in the back of a targa, built on the basis of the serial coupe Scion FR-S, the exhibition of exclusive cars SEMA 2014 introduced tuner Jeremy Lookofsky from the company Cartel Customs. Two-tone car show is different from the production model more individual design and advanced technical stuffing. Inside the car as there have been major changes, resulting in a more attractive finish and became its improved avionics.
After working on the roof of the car, tuners made it removable to allow the driver and passenger on a fine day enjoy the ride in the open air. Roof rack and finished in black, the rear window covered with specially selected “blinds.” When it came to the body, its dimensions increased with new front wings and extended rear wheel arches, side skirts combined. Also there was installed front bumper with a broad lower lip, trunk lid spoiler and a redesigned rear bumper with diffuser and large derived centered terminal trapezoidal exhaust pipe.

Scion FR-S by Cartel Customs pics

Scion FR-S by Cartel Customs picture

Unique Scion FR-S show cars

December 20, 2014 at 16:11

Scion Company decided to hold a contest for the second time Tuner Challenge, in which various tuning studio competed in the art of refinement sports car FR-S. 90 days was given a known media publications Super Street, Speedhunters and GT Channel to create a better car, worthy to be represented at the exhibition of exclusive cars SEMA 2014. All three compartment undergone technical and cosmetic upgrades, making the car especially among production models.
Yellow sports car was built by a team of Super Street and features a new aerodynamic body kit and 18-inch chrome wheels. Streamlining Japanese car improved front splitter, side skirts, rear spoiler and fender flares.

Scion FR-S by Super Street  pics

Scion FR-S by Super Street picture